People LOVE videos of any kind!  They retain info from a video more than they do reading!  So we have come up with SDIY Avatars!  We can have them give your customers a more personal message.  You can even video YOURSELF and we can add to your page!  Talk about personal!

Get your own SDIY Avatar for your website or blog!
Easy to add code or I can install for you!

Costs for Avatars are ONLY $49.95 for 1 Avatar.  Get 2 separate Avatars for different pages for only $79.95!

Click below for demos of the current avatar voices available after Debbie is done speaking!
After ordering I will email you with other details needed.

Click here to see Avatars available at this time
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Purchase and choose first avatar from below, then in comments box, let us know the second avatar choices.
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